A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Title IX


The Official Women's Handybook: How to play ball at Centre College: girls' rules

The historical view of Women's Sports at Centre

Archivist's Statement

This exhibit is not intended to be a comprehensive history of women in sports at Centre. Rather, it is intended to give a glimpse at the early history of women’s sports at the College and provide a snapshot of how things have changed over time, thanks in no small part to Title IX. It is impossible to recognize, in this small amount of space, the many amazing and inspiring Centre women who have blazed a trail in athletics or who have excelled as a champion in their sport.

If you have participated in women’s sports at Centre and would like to donate materials to our collection or share your story through an oral history interview, please contact the Archivist at beth.morgan@centre.edu

Read more about Women's Sports at Centre: Baird, Kitty Rogers. Women Athletes Blazing a Trail: a History of Women's Participation in Sport at a Small Liberal Arts College. (Centre College, 2001)