Women's Sports Started at the Varsity Level

  • 1984 - Women's Cross-Country
  • 1984 - Women's Golf
  • 1984 - Women's Swimming and Diving
  • 1987 - Women's Volleyball

Women's Cross-Country

In 1974, women began running with the men's cross-country team. Valarie Ziegler, as one of the top seven runners, competed with the men's team. Ten years later, in 1984, the women's team was formed. Their first season, their record was 10 wins and 2 losses. The team was made up of: Shelly Davis, Odile [last name unknown] Vonda Jump, Bridges McGuire, and Lucy Miller

Women's Golf

According to Baird's book,  Women Athletes Blazing a Trail: a History of Women's Participation in Sport at a Small Liberal Arts College, golf for women at Centre College has had a rocky history. Although women were welcome to join the men's team, they were required to play from the back tee, affording little opportunity to compete. Golf competition for both men and women was difficult to fit into Centre College's limit on sports related travel (at the time, you were only permitted to miss 1/12 of your classes for sports).

Women's Swimming and Diving

Women began joining the Men's Swim team in 1971. By 1984, the swim coach, Sue Nutty, decided there were enough women involved to merit their own team.

Women's Volleyball

"Those involved with the women's soccer team can associate their own struggle to become a collegiate team with this volleyball team. Just as the women's soccer team didn't exist a frow short years ago, this volleyball team didn't exist as recently as last month."
- from the article, "The Club Experience Through Volleyballer's Eyes." The Cento. October 11, 1984, page 5 
First Volleyball Team.jpg volleyball varsity 1987 Oct 15.png

The first volleyball team.

Basketball 1989-1990

Field Hockey, 1983-1984

Softball (Slow Pitch), 1984-1985