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CC-17 Centre College Faculty Records

Collection Outline

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Collection Description

Faculty Records is a compilation collection consisting of faculty/committee correspondence, minutes, reports, policy statements, self-studies and other miscellaneous materials. Only the minutes of the faculty have survived virtually intact from 1860 (previous minutes were lost in the great Danville fire of 1860) and constitute the most important and most informative series in this collection. Together with the minutes of the Board of Trustees, they are without doubt the most vital records of the College. Also of interest are the minutes and reports of Council III (Curriculum) for their deliberations over the significant curriculum changes in the late 1960's; which concern co-ed residences and visitation policies, fraternity hazing, drugs and alcohol, counseling services, and student rights in general.

Collection Inventory

CC-17.1 Miscellaneous

Series A Correspondence

Folder 1 Correspondence; miscellaneous faculty members, undated and dated 1840-1884
Folder 2 Correspondence; miscellaneous faculty members, 1887-1927
Folder 3 Correspondence; miscellaneous faculty members, 1949-1971

Series B Reports

Folder 1 Miscellaneous reports by the faculty to the Board of Trustees, undated and dated, 1824-1903
Folder 2 Miscellaneous reports by faculty departments, undated, and dated, 1884-1888
Folder 3 Miscellaneous reports by faculty departments, 1904, 1915-1916
Folder 4 Victor W. Sease
Folder 5 Faculty Luncheon Club, miscellaneous material, undated, and dated 1969-1975
Folder 6 Faculty summer grants reports
Folder 7 Faculty summer grants reports
Folder 8 Faculty summer grants reports
Folder 9 Faculty activity summaries - 2004

Series C General

Folder 1 Description

Series D Cooperative Study in General Education

Box 1 This series contains various reports, summaries, correspondence, course objectives, and self-study materials concerning an intensive self-study in general education undertaken by Centre. The project was organized in cooperation with the American Council on Education and in conjunction with the University of Chicago. Dates are approximately 1937 to 1945. The series remains unarranged.

Series E Faculty By-laws, Handbooks, etc.

Folder 1 Description

Series F Faculty Lists

Folder 1 Description

CC-17.2 College Council and Faculty

Series A Minutes

Folder 1 Miscellaneous faculty minutes and resolutions
Folder 2 Miscellaneous faculty minutes, notices, reports, etc., 1999-2001
Volume 1 Faculty Minutes 1860-1876 (mss. and typescript)
Volume 2 Faculty minutes, 1876-1888; also includes standing orders for 1876-1886; plot map of Centre; schedule of recitations, September 1879-February 1880; schedule of studies, 1877-1878; chapel disorders, 1877-1878 (mss. and typescript)
Volume 3 Faculty minutes, 1888-1901 (mss. and typescript)
Volume 4 Faculty minutes, 1901-1909 (mss. and typescript)
Volume 5 Faculty minutes, 1909-1914
Volume 6 Faculty minutes, 1914-1920 (in folder)
Volume 7 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1920-1942
Volume 8 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1942-1956
Volume 9 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1956-1961
Volume 10 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1961-1967
Volume 11 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1967-1970
Volume 12 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1970-1974
Volume 13 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1974-1978
Volume 14 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1978-1981
Volume 15 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1981-1983
Volume 16 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1983-1985
Volume 17 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1985-1988
Volume 18 Faculty/Council/Committee minutes, 1988-1990

CC-17.3 Standing Committees - College Council

Series A Athletics and Recreation

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, undated, dated 1956-1982

Series B Convocations

Currently Empty

Series C Diversity and Community

Currently Empty

Series D Admissions/Enrollment Management

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, dated 1949-1960
Folder 2 Minutes, reports, dated 1968-1986
Folder 3 Miscellaneous material concerning freshmen orientation, August 1976-August 1981

Series E Honors and Prizes

Folder 1 Minutes and miscellaneous material, dated 1976-1989
Folder 2 Minutes, dated 1991-2004
Folder 3 Prizes awarded, dated 1996-2004
Folder 4 Nominations
Folder 5 Miscellaneous material, dated 1991-2004
Folder 6 English Speaking Union-Kentucky Branch - Miscellaneous, dated 1998-2005
Folder 7 English Speaking Union-Kentucky Branch - Scholarship applicants, dated 1999-2002

Series F Human Resources

Currently Empty

Series G Library and Bookstore/Instructional and Technology Resources

Folder 1 Minutes, dated October 3, 1973-November 11, 1981

Series H Planning and Priorities

Currently Empty

Series I Sexual Harassment

Currently Empty

Series J Steering

Currently Empty

Series K Student Life

Currently Empty

Series L Evaluation

Currently Empty

CC-17.4 Standing Committees - Faculty

Series A Curriculum and Academic Standards

Folder 1 Weston, Beau. "Re-Centering the Curriculum: A Proposal for Curriculum Revision," 1998

Series B Faculty Development

Currently Empty

Series C Faculty Steering

Currently Empty

Series D International Program

Folder 1 Minutes, 1989-1991

Series E Review Board

Currently Empty

Series F Teacher Education

Currently Empty

Series G Tenure

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, dated 1975-1991
Folder 2 Report to the Tenure and Reappointment Committee from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of Teaching, September 2003

CC-17.5 Special Committees

Series A Presidential Search

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, undated, and dated 1988-1989

Series B Intellectual Climate

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, undated
Folder 2 Miscellaneous material, dated 1982-1989

Series C Executive

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, undated, and dated 1980-1982
Folder 2 Miscellaneous material, 1983-1984
Folder 3 Miscellaneous material, 1985
Folder 4 Miscellaneous material, 1986-1987

Series D Academic Freedom and Tenure (Ad Hoc)

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, dated 1975-1991

Series E Committee to Review and Recommend Cost-Saving Opportunities (Ad Hoc)

Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, dated August 2000-January 2001