Faculty and Presidents


Faculty and Presidents


Photographs of Centre College presidents, faculty, and staff from the late nineteenth century to the 1960s.

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Alfred B. Nelson
Graduate of Centre College (Class of 1864); Professor of Mathematics pro tem at Centre from 1864 to 1869; worked for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service from 1869 to 1872; received M.D. degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1874 and practiced…

James C. Randolph
Professor of Mathematics at Centre College from 1869 to 1876.

John C. Fales
Centre College Professor of Natural Sciences (1872-1894); Professor of Geology and Biology (1894-1908); librarian (1908-1916); Dean (1896-1898); Acting President (1896-1898 and 1903-1904).

John L. McKee
Vice-President and Professor of Moral Philosophy at Centre College from 1872 to 1897.

Centre College students, 1908-09
Photograph of an unidentified group of Centre College students from Howard A. Dorsey's photograph album dated 1908-09.

William A. Ganfield
Portrait of William A. Ganfield, president of Centre College from 1915 to 1921.

Robert J. McMullen
Portrait of Robert J. McMullen, president of Centre College from 1944 to 1946

Board of Trustees, 1953
Centre College Board of Trustees from 1953. Identified as (front) Juliet Poynter, Jesse Herman, Amelia Yerkes, J. Rice Cowan, Walter A. Groves, Logan Caldwell; (back) Don Campbell, Norris Armstrong, Robert McDowell, Hugh Nevin, Ed Gamble, Pierce…

Lindsay Hughes Blanton
Reproduction of an engraving of L.H. Blanton. Blanton served as Chancellor of Central University in Richmond, Ky., from 1880-1901 and Vice-President of Central University from 1901 until his retirement in 1907.

Board of Trustees, 1953
Photograph of the Centre College Board of Trustees, dated 1953. Members identified as front row (l-r) Juliet Poynter, Jesse Herman, Amelia Yerkes, J. Rice Cowan (chair), Walter A. Groves (Centre president), and Logan Caldwell; back row (l-r) Don…
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