Weisiger Fine Arts Building



Weisiger Fine Arts Building




In 1952 Emma Weisiger willed to Centre College $150,000, of which $50,000 was to be used for the construction of an "Emma Weisiger Art and Music Building" on the women's campus of Centre College, and the remaining $100,000 to endow the building. In 1937 Weisiger deeded three acres of land in Danville to the state as a memorial to her brother, John G. Weisiger, that would become today's Constitution Square State Historic Site.

Weisiger Fine Arts Building was dedicated April 1956, and gave Centre it's first building dedicated to the fine arts. Prior to this, the college's programs in art, drama, and music were located in classrooms on the women's campus, with drama productions frequently given in the chapel. The $235,000 building was financed by the Weisiger bequest, a campaign among Danville and Boyle County residents (including Centre faculty, students, and staff), and by a state-wide Presbyterian Church campaign. The finished three-level building included offices, classrooms, an art studio, music practice rooms, a choir room, and the 265 seat acoustically designed auditorium for recitals and concerts, which could also be used as a little theatre. The building's foyer provided space for art exhibits.

In 1962 Centre sold the women's campus, except for Weisiger, to the Danville Board of Education. Although located some distance from Centre's campus, Weisiger continued to be used as the college's fine arts building until the completion of the Regional Arts Center (later renamed Norton Center for the Arts) in 1973, when all facilities for art, music, and drama where relocated to the new arts center. Weisiger stood empty for the next four years, although occasionally used for special functions. In 1977 Centre sold the building to the Kentucky Business College for $200,000 after the Danville School Board decided not to purchase the building. In 2019, the School Board purchased the building and made it its head office.


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