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Portrait of the Centre College Cento staff from 1891. The members are unidentified.


Unidentified group portrait of the 1867 Centre College graduating class. Labeled on the back "Eugene Lee & graduating class".

Collage of the Centre College Class of 1880, along with Old Main. Students not identified, but class included Hervey Barbour, Clifton Rodes Barret, James Madison Bell Birdwhistell, Nathaniel Lafon Curry, Richard Patton Dunlap, Frank Fithian, George…

Portrait of the senior class of 1889 standing on the steps of Old Main. Identified on photomount as Reed Curry, Tom Price, Joseph Bowen, Beckner Bush, Horace Turner, Eric Hann, Henry Craik, Horace Turner, John VanWinkle, Holly Yeiser, Rice Cowan,…

Group portrait of the Centre College senior class of 1891 standing on the steps of Old Main. Students identified on photomount as (1) David G. Wright, (2) [illegible], (3) Henry N. Faulconer,(4) Thomas P. Welch, (5) E.B. Muir, (6) Henry A. Brown, (7)…

Portrait of the 1892 freshman class at Centre College seated of the steps of Old Main. Students labeled on back as 1. Birch, 2. Harlan, 3. Starling, 4. Marks, 5. J. Smith, 6. Goodloe, 7. Allen, 8. Pearce, 9. Beatty, 10. Jackson, 11. Caldwell, 12. J.…

Photograph labeled on photomount "Freshman class of '10 before great '09 vs. '10 flag rush. Flag is in the tree around which students are grouped." Students identified on photomount as standing (l-r) Jones, Powell, webber, Alexander, Dietrich,…

Studio portrait of the 1895 Centre College Glee Club. Members identified as top row (l-r) [unidentified], Heiser, Gray, Ferran, Burchett, Bates; middle row (l-r) Parrett, Kelly, Flattery, Donald Grant, Spaulding; bottom row (on floor, l-r) Gould,…


Studio portrait of the Centre College Glee Club, circa 1895. Members identified on photomount as 1. A. Cook, 2. R. Stevens, 3. D.M. Grant, 4. W.F. Savage, 5. B. Woolfolk, 6. M.H. Spaulding, 7. D.J. Curry, 8. S.R. Kerr, 9. J.C. Acheson, 10. A.M.…


Tintype photograph of two Centre College students, circa 1875. Identified on back of plate as Will Welsh (standing), Will Davis.
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