Grace Doherty Library

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Architect's drawing of the east elevation.

Unfinished three story brick building.

Construction of the Grace Doherty Library, image dated January 4, 1966.

Charles A. Thomas, photographer

Three story building with white columns.

Students in front of the new library.

Charles A. Thomas, photographer

Architects: Murphy and Mackey of St. Louis

Dates of Construction: 1965 - 1967

Cost: $1.6 million

Although the library opened in February of 1967, it was dedicated on April 22, 1967. Called a "Hall of Learning" at the time, it was built to hold 160,000 volumes, 15 convertable rooms for use as classrooms and reading rooms, faculty offices, an auditorium, and a state-of-the-art electronic language laboratory and audio-viusal center. It was considered a "uniques and revolutionary" building for the time.

The library was named in honor of the Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation which donated one million dollars to Centre College.  


In 1988, the Grace Doherty Library and the Crounse building which houses it were renovated at a cost of $1.325 million.

The renovation allowed the incorporation of the 20,000 volume science library, formerly housed in Young Hall.

The Crounse Academic Center underwent a major expansion and remodeling project that was completed in 2005. The Center now includes the Grace Doherty Library, faculty offices, classrooms, Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Charles G. Vahlkamp Theater.

You can watch a video tour here: Crounse Hall

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Grace Doherty Library