William R. Levin Endowed Fund for the History of Art

Presented to the Grace Doherty Library Centre College by William R. Levin Endowed Fund for the History of Art

Selections from the Levin Fund

(in alphabetical order by title)



The Acts of the Apostles through the centuries by Heidi J. Hornik and Mikeal C. Pearsons
Andrea del Castagno and the limits of painting by Anne Dunlop
Antonio and Piero del Pollaiuolo: "silver and gold, painting and bronze ..." by Andrea DiLorenzo and Aldo Galli
The architecture of the Christian Holy Land: reception from late antiquity through the Renaissance by Kathryn Blair Moore
Art in England: the Saxons to the Tudors, 600-1600 by Sara Nair James - eBook
Art of Renaissance Venice 1400-1600 by Loren W. Partridge
Artemisia Gentileschi in a changing light by Sheila Barker


The Bargello Palace: the invention of civic architecture in Florence by Amee Yunn
Beheaded: classical paintings of biblical decapitation by Gianfraco Sodoma


The chiaroscuro woodcut in Renaissance Italy by Naoko Takahatake
The Cinquecento in Florence : "modern manner" and counter-reformation by Carlo Falciani
Collecting art in the Italian Renaissance court : objects and exchanges by Leah Ruth Clark
The cross : history, art, and controversy by Robin Margaret Jensen
The Crusades and visual culture by Elizabeth Lapina, April Jehan Morris, Susanna A. Throop, and Laura J. Whatley
A cultural history of food in the Renaissance by Ken Albala, Fabio Parasecoli, and Peter Scholliers


Dantesque images in the Laurentian manuscripts of the Commedia (14th-16th centuries) by Ida Giovanna Rao
Della Robbia : sculpting with color in Renaissance Florence by Marietta Cambareri
Dialogue on the errors and abuses of painters by Giovanni Andrea Gilio


Fashion and masculinity in Renaissance Florence by Elizabeth Currie
Food and health in early modern Europe : diet, medicine and society, 1450-1800 by David Gentilcore
The framing of sacred space : the canopy and the Byzantine church by Jelena Bogdanovic


Gender, otherness, and culture in medieval and early modern art by Carlee A. Bradbury and Michelle Moseley-Christian
Giotto and his works in Padua by John Ruskin
Gothic sculpture in America by Dorothy W. Gillerman, Joan A. Holladay, and Susan L. Ward


Habsburg splendor : masterpieces from Vienna's imperial collections at the Kunsthistorisches Museum by Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner, Franz Pichorner, and Stefan Krause
The history of Venetian Renaissance sculpture, ca. 1400-1530 by Anne Markham Schulz
Holy sites encircled : the early Byzantine concentric churches of Jerusalem by Vered Shaley-Hurvitz


Images of sex and desire in Renaissance art and modern historiography by Angeliki Pollali and Berthold Hub
In the courts of religious ladies : art, vision, and pleasure in Italian Renaissance convents by Giancarla Periti
Istorie fiorentine dall'anno MDXXVII al MDLV by Bernardo Segni
The ivory mirror : the art of mortality in Renaissance Europe by Stephen Perkinson


Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise : humanism, history, and artistic philosophy in the Italian Renaissance by Amy R. Bloch


Madonnas & miracles : the holy home in Renaissance Italy by Maya Corry, Deborah Howard, and Mary Laven
Maniera : Pontormo, Bronzino and Medici Florence by Bastian Eclercy and Hans Aurenhammer
Markets and marketplaces in Medieval Italy, c.1100 to c.1440 by Dennis Romano
Mary of Mercy in medieval and Renaissance Italian art : devotional image and civic emblem by Katherine T. Brown
Mathematics + art : a cultural history by Lynn Gamwell
Michael Psellos on literature and art : a Byzantine perspective on aesthetics by Michael Psellus
Michelangelo's tomb for Julius II : genesis and genius by Christoph Luitpold Frommel, Maria Forcellino, Claudia Echinger-Maurach, and Antonio Forcellino
Mochi's edge and Bernini's baroque by Estelle Lingo
Monastic art in Lorenzo Monaco's Florence : painting and patronage in Santa Maria degli Angeli, 1300-1415 by George R. Bent


Naples by Marcia B. Hall and Thomas Willette
The noisy Renaissance : sound, architecture, and Florentine urban life by Niall Atkinson


Opening doors : the early Netherlandish triptych reinterpreted by Lynn F. Jacobs


Padua and Venice : transcultural exchange in the early modern age by Brigit Blass-Simmen and Stefan Weppelmann
The painted book in Renaissance Italy : 1450-1600 by J. J. G. Alexander
Painted piety : panel paintings for personal devotion in Tuscany, 1250-1400 by Victor Michael Schmidt
Paolo Veronese and the practice of painting in late Renaissance Venice by Diana Gisolfi
Percorsi di salvezza e strumenti di legittimazione : i cicli dei Sette Sacramenti nell'arte del Medioevo = Paths of salvation and instruments of legitimation : cycles of the Seven Sacraments in Medieval art by Paolo Vitolo
Pliny the Elder and the emergence of Renaissance architecture by Peter Fane-Saunders
Prato : architecture, piety, and political identity in a Tuscan city-state by Alick MaDonnel McLean
Public painting and visual culture in early republican Florence by George R. Bent


Roman charity : queer lactations in early modern visual culture by Jutta Gisela Sperling


Saints and spectacle : Byzantine mosaics in their cultural setting by Carolyn L. Connor
Sanctity pictured : the art of the Dominican and Franciscan orders in Renaissance Italy by Trinita Kennedy
Sansovino's Venice : a translation of Francesco Tatti da Sansovino's guidebook to Venice of 1561 by Francesco Sansovino
Subject matter in Italian Renaissance art : a study of early sources by Joseph Manca


Theophilus and the theory and practice of medieval art by Heidi C. Gearhart


Under the guise of spring : the message hidden in Botticelli's Primavera by Eugene Lane-Spollen


Venice by Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes


Women artists in early modern Italy : careers, fame, and collectors by Sheila Barker
Women, Patronage, and Salvation in Renaissance Florence : Lucrezia Tornabuoni and the Chapel of the Medici Palace by Stefanie Solum
The world of st. Francis of Assisi: Select proceedings from the first international conference of franciscan studies. Atti del Convegno, Siena, 16-20 luglio 2015. by International Conference of Franciscan Studios