Photographs of Centre College athletic teams, players, and games from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century.

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Centre College Cross Country Team Photo
Team photo of the Centre College Cross Country Team from the 1975 yearbook

Centre College Cross Country Team, 1976
Team photograph of the Co-ed Cross Country Team.First Row (left to right): Jim Hawkins, Valerie Ziegler, Barbie Reed, Preston Young, Meg Campbell, C.R. Diffley, Matt Huff Second Row (left to right): George Sanderlin, John Lamb, Bill Eisenring, Mark…

High Jump
Student performing the high jump at a track and field event.

Lady Colonels Advance to Varsity Level
Article about the advancement of the volleyball team from club to varsity level.

Vonda Jump Training
Vonda Jump runs on the Ferris Stadium track during a training session.

Ellen Smith, diving for Centre
Ellen Smith compete for Centre in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Swim Meet.

1985 Swim Team
Image of the swim team from the 1985 Yearbook.

1973 Swim Team
Row one (left to right) . ... R. Korski, M. McIntosh , V. Berner, C. Martin; Row two (left to right) .. W. Ecton , M. Ewers, C. Johnson, C. Bryant; Row three (left to right) ... S. Kunz, D. Burgess, M. Smith, R. Gerlaugh; Row four (left to right)..…

Elizabeth Johnson
Image of Elizabeth Johnson at a track meet.

Women's Track Team
The women's track team from the 1973 Centre College Yearbook.
Sitting (left to right) K. Wall, H. Taylor.
Standing (left to right) L. Thebaud , T . Miller, S. Aaron, N. Nichols, L. Johnson, S. Hartmann, J. Belcher.

Cathy Davis, Pitcher
Image of Cathy Davis pitching for the women's softball team. From the 1978 Centre College Yearbook.

Slow Pitch Softball Team
Team photograph from the 1978 Centre College Yearbook.
Bottom Row: Hathaway, Moore, Davis, Reddoch, Maher, Kamenish
Top Row: Cone, Sullivan, Whitehouse, Swem, McWhorter, Sonnatag, Spikkard, DeMunbrun, Reid, Coach Roberts

Illustration of woman playing basketball
An illustration from the 1950s Women's Student Handbook.

Welcome Friends
Welcome page from the Women's Recreation Association Guestbook

Women's Field Hockey Team Practice
Image of the Women's Field Hockey team practicing.

Women's Basketball Team, 1965
The Women's Basketball Team from the 1965 Centre College Yearbook.

Women's Field Hockey Team, 1965
Yearbook image of the 1964-1965 Centre College Field Hockey Team

First Volleyball Team
The first varsity Volleyball team at Centre College.

Coed Swim Ballet
The Coed Swim Ballet Team practices. Team members: Janice Coverdale, Linda Taylor, Rita Ferguson, Betsy Hendricks, and Peggy Knox.

Cathy Lynch and the First Softball Team
Cathy Lynch, class of 1981, talks about the formation of the first softball team at Centre in 1977.

NCAA Division III South Regional Tournament Program
Program for the NCAA Division III South Regional Tournament held at Centre College March 2-3, 1990.

NCAA Division III Quarterfinal Program
Program from the 1990 NCAA Division III Women's Basketball Quarterfinals.

Centre College women's athletics letter (C-WAA)
Centre College athletics letter with "WAA" stitched onto the C, representing the Women's Athletics Association

Centre College women's athletics letter (C-W)
Centre College athletics letter featuring a "W" to denote women's athletics
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